Tree Care

CSI for Bugs, Part 2: Diagnosing Injury Caused by Insects with Chewing Mouthparts

This article is the second in a series by the author designed to help arborists diagnose problems caused by insects and mites on woody landscape plants. The first article, “Basics for Diagnosing Problems Caused by Insects and Mites” (TCI November 2020), focused on the basics of diagnostics. By using clues, signs and symptoms left behind […]

Climber Crane Tie-In

Before I even think about putting my saddle on and getting right to work, I make equipment inspection part of the job. My equipment gets inspected every time before I toss it on. That frees up my mind to then start thinking about the work we have at hand that day without wondering about my […]

Talking About Chain-Saw Pants

Hablando de pantalones de motosierra I was out in Oregon this summer training contract workers to fell and remove thousands of trees damaged by the many wildfires. We were constantly navigating through steep, rugged terrain. There were tons of downed trees, branches and debris that would grab at your running saw, which put kickback and […]

Cold-Weather Work Safety Precautions

In cold-weather conditions, we tend to focus heavily on the care and operation of machinery, sometimes forgetting the importance of safe cold-weather work practices for the operators. It is important for employers and employees to understand appropriate measures for protecting the individual in the workplace during cold weather, recognizing it as one of the many […]

Essential COVID-19 Info for Employers

The COVID-19 pandemic will continue impacting tree care throughout 2021. Three major areas of concern that employers should be aware of are changes to the federal paid-leave program, the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and updates to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Details on PPP can be found in the Washington column on page 24 in this […]

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