Tree Care

Chain-Saw Injuries: Us Versus Them

Chain saws are among the most basic tools for tree workers. While we once performed pruning and felling with one- and two-person crosscut saws, no one would want to return to those days. The chain saw is also the power tool we most share in common with homeowners. Most people do not own an aerial […]

Business Of PHC, Part 2: Elements of a Plant- Health-Care Business Plan

“How do you start a plant-health-care program? If you buy a spray rig and put it into your pickup, you aren’t exactly a plant-health-care professional,” says Chris Kemp, plant-health-care manager with Piscataqua Landscaping & Tree Service, an 11-year TCIA member company based in Eliot, Maine. “The blanket or cover sprays of the 1980s are a […]

Transferencia de cubo a árbol: Permanezca en el Aire

Transferring from Bucket to Tree: Stay in the Air A veces, el elevador aéreo simplemente no puede acceder a donde debe estar en el árbol. Aquí hay una breve introducción sobre cómo transferir cuidadosamente su posición desde el interior o cubeta al interior del árbol. Nada de esto debe intentarse sin un entrenamiento previo en […]

Here Come the Basidiocarps: Seasonal Fruiting of Decay Fungi

Just like the seasonal progression of flowering in higher plants, the annual appearance of fruiting (production of mushrooms, conks, brackets and other fruiting structures) of wood-decay fungi is somewhat predictable. When decay fungi appear during the year can be a significant aid to identification. If nothing else, the timing of fruiting can help confirm the […]

Accident Briefs for March 2021

Man electrocuted in tree A man was electrocuted when he apparently made contact with a power line while in a tree March 7, 2021, in Baltimore, Maryland. First responders received reports of a man stuck in a tree. Investigators believe the man was killed when he touched the power line, according to a WJZ-TV Channel […]

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