Tree Care

Business of PHC, PART 7 Soil Amendments: An Arborist’s Prescription for Healthy Trees

As most arborists know, one of the fundamental building blocks for healthy trees and shrubs is healthy, balanced soil. Sometimes all it takes is a quick look at the condition of a client’s trees to see that something is off. Other times, the causes of poor fruit production, stunted growth or an overall lack of […]

Soil Amendments for Improved Plant Health

As a company delves into PHC, exploring the potential to be tree physicians rather than just tree morticians (general tree care), the array of possibilities can be overwhelming. The initial tendency is to focus on ways to control key insects or diseases that may show visible signs or symptoms on your customers’ properties. However, abiotic […]

Not for Nothing, but Knots Come in Very Useful

This information was excerpted from the newly revised Best Practices for Rigging in Arboriculture manual, which will be available this November. There are many good knot books available. Knots at Work: A Field Guide for the Modern Arborist by Jeff Jepson, is a detailed and affordable resource. Rigging knots The most important criteria of any […]

Strike Two for Elms

Given the hundreds of thousands of elms already lost in the last 100 years to Dutch elm disease, it seems unfair that the Ulmus genus should face a new enemy so soon. But the world of invasives isn’t fair, and a new threat has reared its head: elm zigzag sawfly (Aproceros leucopoda). This insect is […]

Accident Briefs for August 2021

Man electrocuted using pole saw A man died after he was shocked while trimming trees from a ladder August 13, 2021, near Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office reported that Noah Ness, 33, of Royalton, Minn., was standing on a ladder using a pole saw to cut branches from a tree when he made […]

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