Tree Care

Nonfatal Incidents Involving Aerial Lifts and Ladders: Us Versus Them

So, what is happening out there for nonfatal injuries from accessing tree canopies by ladders, scissor-lifts and other mobile, aerial-lift devices? Are different incidents occurring to the homeowners versus tree workers?

Is Aerial Rescue Worth Practicing?

Is aerial rescue worth practicing? The obvious answer is, “Yes!” You are probably one of those climbers who’s practiced aerial rescue (AR) several times. You’ve practiced dumping a training dummy out of the basket of a bucket truck. You may even have competed in the AR event at a climbing competition. If so, spectacular! Practicing […]

The Plight of Urban Soils: A Combination of Stress Factors

What is soil? One of the most important characteristics of soil that is often overlooked is the fact that soil is alive. It’s not just alive in the sense that living things are some byproducts of soil or are simply occupying space in the soil. These living organisms are, quite literally, the only way plants […]

Assessing Soil for Tree Species Selection

OK, but why soil? Take a minute to picture a tree. Maybe even grab a pen right now and draw one out in the margin – I’ll wait. Some things you might note are the canopy shape, leaf-on or leaf-off, flowers or fruit and branching structure. Did you include the root system in your picture? […]

Today’s Lesson: Wake Up and Pay Attention

“May you dance as if no one’s watching, sing as if no one’s listening and live every day as if it were your last.” – an Irish saying That is one of my favorite toasts. In my travels throughout the world of arboriculture, I’ve come to paraphrase this saying so it speaks to the heart […]

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