Tree Care

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Recent media headlines have highlighted the importance of heat waves on human health. Sadly, climatic modeling predicts that this trend is likely to continue throughout the 21st century. While the importance of planting trees with tolerance to de-icing salts, drought, soil compaction and waterlogging within urban landscapes is recognized, surprisingly limited information exists regarding the […]

Arborists United for Veteran Remembrance: Saluting Branches’ Journey

From its modest origins in Minnesota, Saluting Branches has grown into a nationwide movement that celebrates our fallen servicemen and women. Created by Rainbow Treecare, an accredited, 35-year TCIA member company, this annual Saluting Branches Day of Service now extends its reach far beyond its initial boundaries. With a focus on honoring veterans, this nonprofit […]

Getting Paid for Storm Work

This is the first article in a planned series on pricing and getting paid for storm-related tree work.Dustin Meyers owns and operates Timber Ridge Tree Care, a 21-year TCIA member company based in Comstock Park, Michigan, near Grand Rapids. When he was younger, he’d travel for storm work, but says now, “I’m too tired and […]

Snow on a roof man with long yellow pole

Preparing for and Performing Storm Work

As arborists, it is our job to make sure the interface of trees and our society, with all its infrastructure, is functional, and that trees and our society coexist. Mother Nature often stresses this relationship! When storms hit, arborists must clean up the mess and repair the trees that are left. Therefore, storm cleanup is […]

Xylem Tree Experts Responds to EF3 Tornado Damage

The quiet tranquility of a coastal Sunday afternoon in Virginia Beach, Virgina, was shattered on April 30, 2023. An EF3 tornado swept through the region, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The tornado, which had not been anticipated in a region more accustomed to tropical storms and hurricanes, became a stark reminder of […]

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