Tree Care

Accident Briefs for March 2022

Groundworker electrocuted A groundworker was electrocuted during tree-trimming operations March 1, 2022, in Madison, Wisconsin. Dustin L. Gurney, 38, of Janesville, Wisc., was part of a tree-company crew trimming trees when a branch became stuck on a power line. A worker pulled on the branch and it snapped the wire, which swung down and hit […]

Accident Briefs for February 2022

Climber hurt in struck-by A climber was injured after being struck by a free-falling limb during a crane operation February 14, 2022, in a town in Massachusetts. The company owner related to TCIA that a climber was operating off a crane, had just finished cutting a leader and was descending to the ground as the […]

Fall-Arrest Harnesses Are Saving Lives

While the increased use of aerial lifts has increased productivity and made working aloft safer in many respects, along with these lifts have come new dangers – in the form of falls. The results of these falls can be seen almost monthly in TCI Magazine’s “Accident Briefs” feature, in the reports of injuries and even […]

Making A Case for In-Tree Chain-Saw Protection

Another year has arrived, and once again the tree industry finds itself high on the list of America’s most dangerous jobs. Surprise! Tree work is dangerous – something about climbing 100-foot-tall trees attached to a 1/2-inch rope while wielding a high-powered chain saw really makes for a hazardous work environment. Fortunately, much of the risk […]

What PPE Must an Employer Provide?

We hear it all the time – OSHA doesn’t know anything about tree care. It’s a myth throughout our industry that we work in a “no-rules” environment. In that situation, PPE is optional, right? Wrong. There is no gray area on personal protective equipment (PPE). It needs to be utilized all the time, every time. […]

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