Bridging The Great Divide: Men and Women Helping Each Other in Tree Care

Let’s face it – when it comes to tree care, men still dominate the industry, both in company ownership and employee numbers. The general consensus among those interviewed for this article is that women who are trying to break into arboriculture often find themselves ignored, underestimated or even outright intimidated. But, thankfully – although slowly […]

Never Easy Is Always Worth It

The summer of 2020 was a time of change and growth for us, and, like everyone else, we accepted it as best we could. Stepping away from my full-time massage-therapy career of 19 years due to restrictions related to COVID-19, I volunteered to work with our TreeHugger crew for the summer. Why not? I had […]

Donna Garner: From Firewood Runs to Technology Trailblazer

Arborgold co-founder Donna Garner grew up in tree care. She has memories of her 10-year-old self riding in her dad’s truck with her brothers on firewood deliveries, raking the client’s lawn when her dad took her on a job and performing other tree care-related tasks. Don Francis, Donna’s father, had learned the trade from his […]

Hey, Let’s Start a Business During a Pandemic!

Imagine starting a business in March 2020. It’s about the worst timing for which one could have begun such an endeavor, but Maryland Sustainable Ecologies has successfully pivoted to an online platform and is slowly growing. The idea behind Maryland Sustainable Ecologies was simple; with a combined total of 25 years of experience in the […]

Women in Arboriculture from a Man’s Perspective

I think it goes without saying that women throughout the ages have been important as leaders themselves, and have also played an essential role in nurturing or otherwise supporting men who would be leaders. This article is not about whether women have a place in arboriculture, they do. This is about how they should assert […]

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