Partnering for Response Ahead of the Storm

As profitable as storm work can be for tree crews that clean up after Mother Nature’s messes, there are ways for companies to form partnerships ahead of time to make the opportunities more numerous, less problematic and more profitable. Storm networks are lead-generating organizations that work with insurance companies and homeowners to coordinate all the […]

Feedback From the Field Drives Innovation in Business Software

This is the second in a two-part series on industry-specific software companies in 2020. Part 1, “Leveraging Business Software in the Age of COVID-19,” ran in the September 2020 issue of TCI Magazine. Commercial arborists you talk with will give different reasons why software is good for their business and what aspects of the software […]

Is It Required to Inspect Trees for Risk?

In looking at the photographs and reviewing the facts in this matter, it is a wonder that this case took so long to be settled. But, unfortunately, sometimes these legal matters do go on for a long time. More money for the lawyers and experts, though. As I have stated numerous times, these situations are […]

The Most Common PHC Issues – and Solutions – Around the U.S.

What in the past might have been described as hip, hot or happening today is called trending. Plant health care for trees is trending. All the definitions of plant health care, or PHC, for trees boil down to maintaining or improving the appearance and health of woody plants in their own settings and doing it […]

How to Avoid, Protect Yourself from and Recover from a Fire

Getting a phone call that your tree care business is up in flames is something no one ever wants to experience. Yet for the owners of several TCIA member companies, that’s precisely what happened, and the experience had the potential to be life changing and business altering. When the unthinkable happens, it’s too late to […]

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