Midwest pin oaks are dense

Pruning Pin Oaks Like a Boss

Back in November 2023, I caught up with Thomas Paine, CTSP, co-owner of Rooted Arbor Care in Warrenton, Missouri, on a job site in Missouri. He was tasked with inspecting a picturesque, healthy pin oak (Quercus palustrus) tree and performing a cleaning and pruning of it. It was a beautiful fall day just prior to […]

A Guide to the Pruning Decision Process

As arborists, pruning is a very important part of our work. Most arborists and horticulturalists are passionate about pruning. Most enjoy pruning and believe in their methods. The question is, how do you know what’s right? Pruning should be more than just removing branches. Before you prune trees and shrubs, you need to ask a […]

Training Pruning

Storm damage is the ultimate opportunity for arborists to play Monday morning quarterback. Whether it’s our mistake when a client’s tree breaks or we are called to a new property to clean up the mess, there are the inevitable would haves, could haves or should haves. “I wish I had removed that tree.” “If only […]

Where to Put Decay in Trees?

Any time a living part of a tree is cut open through pruning, or broken open through storm damage, the remaining area will likely decay. This article presents a way to think of pruning as “where to put decay into the tree.” (Photo 1) Most of us working in arboricultural or horticultural fields are aware […]

What Drives Choices for Powered Pole Saws and Pruners?

Depending on your specialty, the power pole pruner or pole saw might be one of the most used cutters on a tree care truck. “I’ve heard of some climbers who climb with (power) pole pruners and that’s all they use, because they can work in one tree and prune three trees around it,” says Jack […]

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