Business (Accreditation) Profiles

A Passion for Tree Work Leads to Accreditation for Trees by Jake

As the home page of its website so clearly points out, Trees by Jake, LLC – a second-year TCIA member company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma – is one of only three accredited tree services in Oklahoma. And they’re proud of it! Jake Emanuel, CTSP and ISA Certified Arborist, and his wife, Allison, also a CTSP, […]

Accreditation Opens the Door for Pannell Co. Utility Contracts

When Jeff Pannell and his father were clearing land and building fences in the Texas Hill Country, little did Jeff know that someday he and his future wife would be operating the largest utility-contractor tree service in that area. Kathy Pannell, Jeff’s wife, is now president of Pannell Co., a second-year TCIA member company based […]

Bofinger’s Tree Service Builds Relationships Through Accreditation

When it comes to providing professional tree care, Bofinger’s Tree Service, a 13-year TCIA member company based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, believes strongly in building relationships. The company started up in 2001 and is owned by George Bofinger, an ISA Certified Arborist, TRAQ certified arborist and a Baton Rouge native. George’s wife, Lacy, who provides […]

Bay Area Arborist Cooperative Shares Strengths in Its Accreditation

It’s been said there’s strength in numbers, and that certainly is true in the case of the Bay Area Arborist Cooperative (BAAC). Based in San Francisco, California, BAAC is a 22-year TCIA member that has just recently been re-accredited – and it definitely was a cooperative effort that got them there successfully during a pandemic […]

A Passion for Tropical Arboriculture Leads to True Tree’s Accreditation

Hearing him speak, no one would doubt Drake Kurlander’s passion for the environment of South Florida and its tropical flora. The co-owner of True Tree Service, LLC, a five-year TCIA member company based in Miami, says he grew up in the area climbing its trees and studying the local ecology, and has seen many changes […]

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