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Innovations in Mechanical Row Equipment

There are a number of methods used to clear and maintain utility rights of way, or ROWs, but they all fall into two categories – mechanical, including things like brush mowers, saw trimmers and aerial lifts, or chemical, including materials such as herbicides, growth regulators and the tools used to disperse or apply them. In […]

Throwing Away Your Shot: The Basics of the Big Shot

If you are young, scrappy and hungry, don’t like throwin’ away your shot (with a nod to Hamilton) and just want to place your climbing line in a tree, then give a Big Shot a try. These heavy-duty slingshots-on-a-stick, available from  Notch Equipment and Jameson, can really improve your distance and accuracy with a throwline, […]

Best Practices For Compact Loaders & Mini Skid Steers

They do the work of two or more crew members. They’re productive, save money on salary, insurance and benefits and extend careers of talented workers. They can add to the bottom line on day one, and the benefits go on. We’re talking about compact loaders and mini skid steers. Case in point is Gerrein Green […]

Dovetail Workwear: Gave It the Treatment, Got the Performance

I finally got to open the box! Dovetail Workwear makes workwear specifically for women, and they sent me a collection of apparel to try in the field while performing tree care. The box contained a couple of different pairs of pants and a hoodie sweatshirt – all of which I was very excited about! The […]

Lace ’Em Up! The Ins and Outs of Arborist Footwear

Question: What’s one of the best investments you can make in keeping your crew and your business on good footing and, therefore, profitable? Answer: Quality footwear designed specifically for the tree care pro. It is difficult to fathom, but in this top-priority era of worker safety and efficiency, more than one boot manufacturer’s rep interviewed […]

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