Work, Eat, Play: Employee Mentoring and Retention

During TCIA’s Virtual Summit’21, held this past January, I discussed motivating employees to grow. Specifically, I discussed moving a person from being motivated extrinsically to intrinsically. In other words: How do we inspire someone to grow from a grunt-worker simply collecting a paycheck to a self-motivated, committed employee? Ultimately, a great employee will have the […]

Tips for Using Contract Workers

When companies need additional workers for a large job or someone with a special skill set, hiring an independent contractor can be an efficient and effective way to accomplish the task. Any time you hire a contractor, however, it is critical to ensure that he or she qualifies to be a contractor and would not […]

EOS: System of Simple Steps Creating a Contagion for Tree-Industry Leadership

EOS is infectious, in a good way. And it’s spreading throughout the tree care industry. Alan Jones, former TCIA Board chair, caught the bug when the Association began its foray into the Entrepreneurial Operating System with training three years ago. He brought it from TCIA headquarters in New Hampshire to Virginia and surrounding states. Jones […]

Donna Garner: From Firewood Runs to Technology Trailblazer

Arborgold co-founder Donna Garner grew up in tree care. She has memories of her 10-year-old self riding in her dad’s truck with her brothers on firewood deliveries, raking the client’s lawn when her dad took her on a job and performing other tree care-related tasks. Don Francis, Donna’s father, had learned the trade from his […]

Business During Crisis Lessons Learned

Usually I’m asked to speak or write about business efficiency in operations. This time we’re going to talk about my personal experiences in business during 2020, a year like no other. I’ve been in business for 33 years, and at the outset of 2020 I was in kind of a comfort zone. I had good […]

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