Arborists discovering new potential areas of opportunity through chainsaw training.

The Power of Potential: Planting Seeds for Success

“Kendra, I think you are going to do wonderfully at this next task. You have a good eye for detail, and that’s exactly what’s required here.” “Tom, you have a real knack with people, and I’d like you to take on a temporary role in account management. I think you will thrive based on what […]

Joseph Tree sits and has a leadership meeting

What Is the Key to Effective Leadership?

I will start off by giving you the answer – humility! Humility is, by far, the most important trait that highly effective leaders have in common. Humility is the foundation by which all other effective leadership principles rest. Humility is defined as a modest or low view of one’s own importance, and is based more […]

Exit Strategies, Part 2: Keeping It in the Family

This is the second article in a series TCI Magazine will run in 2022 looking at exit and succession strategies for owners of tree care businesses. Part 1, “Demystifying Succession Planning: What’s Next for the Future of Your Business?” ran in the May 2022 issue. In the first article of this series on exit strategies, […]

New Risks in Workers’- Compensation Insurance

Just as many employers are getting workers’-compensation premiums and related costs under control, the COVID pandemic is introducing new hazards to the regulatory terrain. While claims are increasing for mental distress and pandemic-related accidents, state regulatory agencies are expanding coverage to a presumption of the workplace origination of infections, medical marijuana use and other novel […]

A Turning Point for Women in Tree Care

If we were to assess the status of women in the tree care industry in their view, it would boil down toa) women now are an established, integral part of the industry and are growing more so every day; b) they largely have grown way past the stage of being a novelty and needing acceptance […]

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