Where Are All the Workers?

Many tree care businesses are finding themselves short of the one thing they need to thrive and grow: workers. The Bank of America recently estimated that 4.6 million workers exited the labor force during the pandemic – but only half are expected to rejoin by the end of the year. How to coax those badly […]

Seagull Safety and Leadership

This article started out looking at safety leadership and fairly quickly evolved into a message that applies to leadership in general. As such, I will often flip back and forth discussing “safety” and “leadership,” as they are similar from this perspective. Let’s start out with this question: What is seagull safety/leadership? While there is currently […]

Engaged Employees: How a Great Workplace Drives Profits

Hire motivated people who will help your business grow. That popular mantra for creating a productive workforce has always been easier said than done. And today the challenge is tougher than ever, thanks to slim pickings in the candidate pool. Many workers furloughed or exiled to home offices during the pandemic have been rethinking their […]

Safe and Appreciated Employees Stick Around

“When you get hurt doing tree work, there are no paper cuts out there, it really hurts; the industry lives up to its reputation (of being dangerous),” says Michael Roche, owner of Vermont Arborists, an accredited, 26-year TCIA member company based in Waterbury Center, Vermont. He cites potential hospitalization and chiropractor visits. “People are willing […]

Need a New Truck? The News Isn’t So Good

In one of their more famous hits, the Rolling Stones declared: “You can’t always get what you want,But if you try sometimesyou just might findYou get what you need!” So it is, if you’re in the hunt for a tree care chassis and body rig. Most of us are aware of the worldwide shortage of […]

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