Arborist Skills: How to Apply an SRS Redirect without Unloading Your Primary Suspension Point

Aaron Feather, CTSP demonstrates how to Apply an SRS Redirect without Unloading Your Primary Suspension Point. The beauty of climbing using a stationary-rope system, or SRS, is being able to redirect onto limbs that can position you directly over your work. Limbs that would never absorb the dynamic strain of a moving or dynamic redirect, […]

Arborist Skills: Pneumatic-air-excavation tool

Pneumatic-air-excavation tools are versatile devices used for many types of soil-excavating operations, including tree-root and trunk excavations. Often, the need to see what is happening underground in a tree’s root zone is critical to making the right management choices regarding tree health. Pneumatic-air soil loosening is the least injurious method to meet the objective and […]

What’s New & Improved in Climbing Ascenders and Friction Tools

When it comes to getting in and out of trees safely and efficiently, today’s climbers have more options than ever. And when it comes to ascenders and friction tools, there are some innovative devices out there that recently hit the market, having been introduced by arborist equipment companies in early 2019. We contacted a number […]

Climbing Gear: The More You Know, the Less You Need

It is a wonderful time in the tree care industry for the climbing arborist. It seems every couple of months there is a new piece of equipment that comes on the market. It can give the climbing-arborist gear junkies a rush of gear adrenaline and at the same time fill safety coordinators with anxiety. Does […]

Dual-Stationary-Rope Work Positioning for Pruning or Removal

My name is Macintosh Swan, and I have a lot of climbing gear. I preface this discussion – of climbing with two systems in sync – with that statement. If we are talking drawbacks to dual-stationary-rope systems (DSRS), I think the volume of gear required would be at the top of the list. In my […]

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