Worker in a tree wearing green shirt and red helmet sitting on a branch tossing a brown rope

Making Rope Management Part of the Plan

Perhaps one of the least-sexy topics in all of arboriculture is that of rope management. It doesn’t get the same attention some other topics do, but probably deserves more than it gets. This article is a brief attempt to shine a light on an underrated and underappreciated part of tree work. Rope management is a […]

Workers in yellow shirts and white hard hats standing in a circle outside with equipment.

Training Tree Crews on Wildland Fire Prevention and Suppression

The constant threat of wildland fire events seems to be growing more intense and destructive each year. Equipping arboricultural workers with the knowledge to address the looming risk of fires is critical to protecting not only the people on the ground, but the communities they serve. As tree work often turns into hazardous wildland fire […]

Man in orange shirt and green helment watching another man in orange shirt lift himself on a pully on a tree with a green rope.

TCIA Offers a Portal to a Better Career

TCIA Career Pathways, a new online education and training program, offers tree care workers new opportunities to advance their careers. At the same time, it provides individual companies an opportunity to provide structured training and create career pathways that can help stabilize their workforce. With TCIA Career Pathways, the Tree Care Industry Association is offering […]

Creating Inclusive Work Environments at Tree Care Companies

An inclusive work environment will drive performance, improve safety and increase production and profitability. A diverse workforce brings a varied set of experiences and ideas that will contribute to the overall success of the team by reinforcing the value of all members. Understanding what inclusivity is and how to create a culture of inclusion isn’t […]

Rethinking Leadership

The past three years have been a roller-coaster ride for many tree companies. While supply-chain problems and rising costs presented obstacles, the massive demand for tree care and tree-removal services created a growth opportunity. Over time, new trucks arrived, chippers were repaired and backordered chain saws finally shipped. Throughout, companies competed vigorously for workers – […]

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