Plant That Tree Righteously!

A wise person once said (or said something to the effect of), “When people plant trees under which they may never sit, then you know that civilization has arrived.” Tree planting. I know. It’s not sexy. There are so many shiny new toys in the removal and pruning facets of tree care that the ole’ […]

Willow Top: When Is Extreme Pruning OK?

Flush cuts were still the norm when I began my arboricultural sojourn. In 1983, Dr. Alex Shigo spoke at my alma mater. He was just beginning to obtain notoriety for challenging the practices of the past with modern science. So now I present to you a technique I will call “extreme heading back.” OK, I […]

Tub Hubub: Bathing in a Neighboring Beech’s Critical Root Zone

In retrospect, the fact that the client answered the door in a Speedo gave credence to the whole case. In this well-heeled town, many hurdles were overcome to get permission to install the in-ground hot tub. A nifty design was introduced, slogged its way through innumerable boards and committees and was eventually approved. Mr. Speedo […]

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