The Road to Consultanthood: Musings of an Antique Arborist

The aerial lift is gone, as is the stump grinder. Out in the yard, my trusty 2001 chip truck and 1990 Morbark chipper sit idle. They are well maintained and ready to work. I am neither. As I approach Medicare and Social Security status, leaning away from tree care and more toward consulting, I can’t […]

Roots in Ground, Body in Trunk, Spirit in Sky

A few years back, not far removed from my first stay at a mental-health facility, I found myself chanting these words – “roots in ground, body in trunk, spirit in sky” – over and over while under the crown of a huge sugar maple in my favorite local cemetery. The air was still and oppressive. […]

“Bring Me a Shrubbery …”

Shrub Pruning –Expand Your Diversity “Arboriculture: The cultivation of trees and shrubs especially for ornamental purposes.” – Merriam-Webster “Bring me a shrubbery … one that looks nice, and not too expensive!” – The Knights Who Say “Ni,” “Monty Python and the Holy Grail“ If that shrubbery is to remain looking nice, it’s going to need […]

Palm Saturday

Even at my ripe old age of 63, arboriculture always offers new challenges, besides finding my boots. As an arborist in the Northeast, the only encounters I have had with palms (not a tree) have been recreational. I had imagined it would remain that way until I was asked to take a look at a […]

Curbside Manners – Respecting the Roots

I arrived at the site in a tony section of town with some prior experience. Of all the towns in Massachusetts, Brookline has some of the toughest tree ordinances, which is why I was engaged. A town-owned Norway maple stood in close proximity to a planned driveway. In the vast majority of cases I have […]

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