Progressive Training: One Size Does Not Fit All

Recently, I witnessed a two-person crew from a local tree care company setting up a job. Cones, wheel chocks, proper signage – all the indicators of a well-trained crew. Their leader set up a bucket truck, but before he began aerial operations, he took the other crew member to the chipper. What I saw next […]

Teamwork Makes Tree Work Work

We have all likely heard the cliché “teamwork makes the dream work.” Like most clichés, there is truth to that surface-level statement. Let’s take a practical, in-depth look at teamwork, the team itself and how the two affect our day-to-day reality as arborists. Without teamwork, what may be called a team is merely a collection […]

Competence in Arboriculture: Motivation

In a previous article, “Competence in Arboriculture” (TCI Magazine, January 2020), we discussed such topics as modalities of learning, how to build a training program and different resources to use when building your training program. In this article, we’ll expand on a subject we touched on in that article – motivation. How do those of […]

Leading and Lagging Indicators

There is a strong, positively correlated relationship between behavior and results. This is particularly true when it comes to risk management in tree care. Specifically, some behaviors observed in tree care operations can have disastrous consequences. We need only look at TCIA’s weekly “Fatality & Near Miss Report” (subscribe at, under the Education & […]

Best Practices for Exhibitor Presence at a Virtual Event

If you’re in the same boat we are, congratulations on your one-year anniversary of quarantine – or at least of social distancing and isolating. And if you’re like us, you’re also super sick of hearing about these “unprecedented times.” We get it. The world is different. From our perspective, the most seismic shift in our […]

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