Training Your Replacement

Wherever you now stand in your career, you were once the “newbie” – the new employee, the new ground worker, the new trimmer, perhaps even the new owner. In each and every one of these changes – pages, if you will, in the story of your life – you were trained and you then needed […]

Beyond Training – A Four-Factor Performance-Improvement Model

As a professional skills trainer, I believe in the benefits of training. In an organizational setting, it is important for employees to have access to relevant training when it is needed. Effective training provides employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to boost performance. Effective training aligns with performance goals in a way that bridges […]

Bumper Stump: Can You Cut It?

What? Bumper stump? No-move crane pick? Is this article a poor English translation of another language? Let’s clear this up: This article describes a type of cut made to the butt log of a tree to hold it perfectly still during a crane pick. This cut would be useful in situations where that log must […]

Discovering Parity Between the Professional and Unprofessional

An observational treatise regarding distinctions between “professional” and “unprofessional” tree services. Schisms. In the act of differentiating, humans create schisms between two or more competing alternatives in order to highlight the more favorable outcome. Each of these differentiated outcomes, if acted upon, holds its own consequences. As professional arborists, we are surrounded by differentiation every […]

Progressive Training: One Size Does Not Fit All

Recently, I witnessed a two-person crew from a local tree care company setting up a job. Cones, wheel chocks, proper signage – all the indicators of a well-trained crew. Their leader set up a bucket truck, but before he began aerial operations, he took the other crew member to the chipper. What I saw next […]

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