Bartlett offers outdoor disinfectant application service

Understanding that outdoor spaces where people congregate are often heavily used but rarely disinfected against harmful viruses and microorganisms, Bartlett Tree Experts is offering a new disinfectant application service. Leveraging existing equipment, resources and infrastructure, the company can assist businesses and homeowners through the application of disinfectant products to walkways, patios or decks, fences, gates, playground equipment, stadium seating, park benches, outdoor furniture and other hardscape surfaces.

Scientists at The Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories researched the list of EPA-registered disinfectants and CDC guidelines and conducted testing to find a product that best fit the outdoor environment. According to the company, correct application of the product is highly effective in controlling a wide range of germs and microbes that cause many illnesses, including the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Application mitigates and destroys microbes by contacting them on the surface, providing a disinfected surface within minutes.

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