Arborist Skills: How to Apply an SRS Redirect without Unloading Your Primary Suspension Point

Aaron Feather, CTSP demonstrates how to Apply an SRS Redirect without Unloading Your Primary Suspension Point.

The beauty of climbing using a stationary-rope system, or SRS, is being able to redirect onto limbs that can position you directly over your work. Limbs that would never absorb the dynamic strain of a moving or dynamic redirect, common with moving rope systems, or MRS, are now fair game. However, getting into one of these dream redirects that make you look like a rock star from the ground is easier said than done.

Aaron Feather, CTSP and Certified Arborist, is safety and training director with Cumberland Valley Tree Service and Landscaping, an accredited, 20-year TCIA member company based in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

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