Arborist Skills – Climber Work Positioning

Ascent and descent make up a small percentage of what occurs during tree-climbing operations. Much of the time in the canopy is spent in a work position. When we stop climbing to accomplish the specific tasks/objectives of the job order, we must position ourselves in a manner not only to safely accomplish the task but […]

Teufelberger treeMOTION evo Product Review

Mark Bridge gave an overview and demonstration of Teufelberger’s new treeMotion evo (trademarked treeMOTION evo) climbing saddle in the Unboxing Ring at the 2019 TCI EXPO in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mark Bridge has been a practicing arborist since 1990 and a co-owner of Treemagineers, Ltd., based in Ranouch Station, Scotland, Great Britain, since 2000. He is […]

TCIA Product Review: All Gear Soft Rig Rigging Slings

Donny Coffey, CTSP, and owner of Nature’s Canopy Tree Services in Tyronne, Pennsylvania, gave a review of the All Gear soft Rig Rigging Slings to trade-show attendees during TCI EXPO 2019 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This review reflects the thoughts and opinions of the reviewer as a user and does not constitute or imply an endorsement […]

TCIA Arborist Skills: Avoiding and Cleaning Up Chemical Spills

Steve Connally discusses how to perform a tree inspection. Steve Connally, CTSP and ISA Certified Arborist, is owner and operator of Adaptable Aerial Solutions, LLC, a two-year TCIA member company based in Suffolk, Virginia. A production climber for 23 years, he is also an NCCCO Licensed Crane Operator, a Crane Safety Climber School instructor and […]

Arborist Skills: How to Apply an SRS Redirect without Unloading Your Primary Suspension Point

Aaron Feather, CTSP demonstrates how to Apply an SRS Redirect without Unloading Your Primary Suspension Point. The beauty of climbing using a stationary-rope system, or SRS, is being able to redirect onto limbs that can position you directly over your work. Limbs that would never absorb the dynamic strain of a moving or dynamic redirect, […]

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