Innovations in Mechanical Row Equipment

There are a number of methods used to clear and maintain utility rights of way, or ROWs, but they all fall into two categories – mechanical, including things like brush mowers, saw trimmers and aerial lifts, or chemical, including materials such as herbicides, growth regulators and the tools used to disperse or apply them. In […]

Business Of PHC, Part 2: Elements of a Plant- Health-Care Business Plan

“How do you start a plant-health-care program? If you buy a spray rig and put it into your pickup, you aren’t exactly a plant-health-care professional,” says Chris Kemp, plant-health-care manager with Piscataqua Landscaping & Tree Service, an 11-year TCIA member company based in Eliot, Maine. “The blanket or cover sprays of the 1980s are a […]

Dealing with COVID-19 in the Office and in the Field

Tree care companies are facing numerous new challenges and obstacles in the workplace due to COVID-19 and the restrictions imposed in trying to halt its spread. In this article, we’ll share some of the concerns and experiences of company owners and staff around the country as well as the ideas and solutions some of them […]

Does Safety Slip During Growth Spurts?

We’ve had this idea for an article for a while: • Does safety slip during growth spurts? • Does it fall to the wayside during periods of growth? Is that why small- to medium-sized companies have higher accident rates than the smallest and largest of companies? • Do seasonal growth patterns affect safety trends? But […]

Burnside Sycamore – Witness to History

During a trip to visit family in Maryland this summer, I took a side trip to Antietam National Battlefield, a National Park Service protected area along Antietam Creek in Sharpsburg, Maryland. It commemorates the Battle of Antietam that occurred September 17, 1862, during the American Civil War. It is regarded as the bloodiest day in […]

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