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Knuckleboom Best Practices, Part 2: Grapple Saws

This is the second part of a two-part series. Part 1, “Knuckleboom Crane Best Practices in Tree Care,” also by Ben Heller, ran in the February 2020 issue of TCI. Click here to read Part 1. All knuckleboom-crane best practices apply to operating with a grapple saw, and there are some additional things to keep […]

CSI for Bugs, Part 2: Diagnosing Injury Caused by Insects with Chewing Mouthparts

This article is the second in a series by the author designed to help arborists diagnose problems caused by insects and mites on woody landscape plants. The first article, “Basics for Diagnosing Problems Caused by Insects and Mites” (TCI November 2020), focused on the basics of diagnostics. By using clues, signs and symptoms left behind […]

Backpack Blowers: Tree Care’s Latest Indispensable Tools

The advent and growing popularity of backpack blowers doesn’t mean it’s time to retire the rake – but almost. The story of the birth of the backpack blower is interesting. Landscapers learned to convert one manufacturer’s small, engine-powered backpack sprayer into a blower to clean up garden beds. When that manufacturer then successfully re-engineered its […]

Cranes for Cash: Buy or Rent?

Dan Mello’s crane life has come full circle. The president of Seacoast Tree Care, LLC, an accredited, 13-year TCIA member company based in Stratham, New Hampshire, used to rent a crane as he considered buying one, then he bought one for his own business and to rent out to others. Then he sold it, and […]

Climber Crane Tie-In

Before I even think about putting my saddle on and getting right to work, I make equipment inspection part of the job. My equipment gets inspected every time before I toss it on. That frees up my mind to then start thinking about the work we have at hand that day without wondering about my […]

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