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arborist climbing

Climbers and Gear: What Matters Most?

A lot has certainly changed in the tree care industry since I embarked on my climbing career in the early 1970s. Tools, equipment and techniques have all evolved. Back then, manila ropes were in common use for climbing as well as lowering. The working strength of ½-inch manila rope was more than adequate for climbing […]

customer expectations

Mind the Gap: What to Do When Customer Expectations and Reality Collide

“I don’t understand. This hotel has no restaurant, no concierge and no valet. It’s not at all what I expected. The place had no standards.” – Guest at a roadside motel “I showed her the picture of Jennifer Aniston and asked for the same haircut. She cut my hair, but I still don’t look a […]

White House

Biden Administration Updates Its Regulatory Plan

On December 6, 2023, the Biden administration released its Fall 2023 Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions, providing a detailed glimpse into the initiatives under development across approximately 67 federal departments, agencies and commissions. These semi-annual regulatory agendas report on what these agencies plan to issue in the near and long term. Target dates […]

aerial-device operator makes direct contact with conductors

EHAP Revision, Part 4,Chapter 3: Recognizing Electrical Hazards

Exposure to electric current is one of the many hazard sources during arboricultural operations. But electricity is one of the most unforgiving of these sources. A review of utility data shows that one in four contacts that resulted in an injury to an arborist working near overhead power lines was fatal. While contact with electrical […]

PHC safety training

Tell, Show, Do Is CTSP’s Biggest Takeaway

What was it like for Nick Bomber, district manager for SavATree in Michigan, to be in the first class of tree professionals to earn TCIA’s new Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP) credential in 2006? “I was really proud of getting the CTSP and being part of that first group that came through, understanding its importance. […]

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