Aerial view looking down at a metal roof with a tree banch and a worker in a white bucket truck

Choosing the Right Anchor Point

Many of us can vividly remember when we began in this industry. We looked up into trees to watch what that experienced person was doing and likely felt as if there was some bit of magic happening. The ropes, the climbing, the equipment and the drop zones. Oh, the drop zones. I can still see […]

Worker in a tree wearing green shirt and red helmet sitting on a branch tossing a brown rope

Making Rope Management Part of the Plan

Perhaps one of the least-sexy topics in all of arboriculture is that of rope management. It doesn’t get the same attention some other topics do, but probably deserves more than it gets. This article is a brief attempt to shine a light on an underrated and underappreciated part of tree work. Rope management is a […]

Rigging Is a Team Sport

There are few aspects in tree work that require coordinated teamwork. Efficient climbers can perform a good portion of their trim work without the direct aid of a ground person. Ground workers can usually process and transport tree debris to the chipper without aid from a co-worker. If the material is too large, it can […]

Knotting Really Matters

As working arborists, ropes are a vital part of our daily work. From climbing to rigging, rope is a ubiquitous component of our systems. As soon as you give a rope a job, it becomes a line, and a line requires a connection to something to do its job. While there may be many ways […]

Not for the Knotless – Untying Rigging Knots

A knot in your calf, garlic knots, climbing knots, rigging knots, getting married – aka, tying the knot – or the early ’90s saying, “Not!” I’ve watched countless videos, heard many speakers and been trained several times over on “how to tie,” “when to use” and “the best” knots. I even led a discussion at […]

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