Testing Equipment and Techniques to Reduce Loads on the Stem

Tree-removal operations in urban and suburban settings often employ extensive use of rope-based rigging to control and manage the dismantling of large trees. These scenarios typically conclude in what is commonly referred to as a negative-rigging situation, where the load the rigging must bear “falls into the rope” from above the anchor point (such as […]

But There Are Power Lines Over There!

I am not a line-clearance arborist. I have worked in the residential side of arboriculture my entire career and maintain a healthy respect for what’s flowing through those lines. If I’m being honest, I get spooked when I’m around them. So I do everything I can to keep myself and my work away from them […]

Canopy Anchors, Part 1

This article is based on a demonstration by Craig Bachmann at the TCI Magazine Trainer’s Test Kitchen demo area during TCI EXPO ’21 in Indianapolis, Indiana, this past November. A canopy anchor is a climbing system that anchors the rope in the canopy of a tree. While a moving rope system (MRS) typically uses a […]

The Jail Brake Lowering Device

If you missed TCI EXPO this year, then you missed out on the industry debut of the Jail Brake, which may signal the next generation of lowering devices for arborists. This device brings an innovative design to basal friction for lowering. Cast from aluminum and machined to a polished finish, the Jail Brake is designed […]

Additional Rigging Systems

There are many options available to tree crews designing rigging systems. The more options there are to choose from, the lower the risk and the better the outcome will be. One of the risks in rigging operations is when using a system involving many components. If the components are not matched adequately to the system, […]

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