Aerial-Rescue Training: Blended Frontiers

About two years ago, Kevin Lunnie, co-founder of Vector Rescue, and his business partner, James Croswell, started looking at the kind of high-risk, low-frequency events that exist for fire-service and technical-rescue teams. Lunnie is a lieutenant with the Danbury Fire Department in Connecticut and a founding member of the International Technical Rescue Association (ITRA). Croswell […]

The Job Site, Viewed From a Few Rungs Up the Ladder

The job site is a unique beast to tame; it is complex and simple at the same time. It’s alive and evolving, but most of us tend to get tunnel vision on the tasks and lose sight of the beast that lies before us. With 18 years of experience from different positions in tree care, […]

The Job Site and the Crew-Leader Mindset

A great crew leader is an essential component of any company, but what makes a great crew leader? Someone who can climb anything or run a piece of equipment with unmatched ease and precision? While those are great qualities, in my opinion what makes a great crew leader is something much more than just a […]

Manténgase alejado de debajo de un pico de grúa elevado

Stay Out From Under a Raised Crane Pick Durante las operaciones de la grúa, el lugar de trabajo siempre está en acción. Se levantan grandes piezas de árboles desde el árbol hasta la zona de aterrizaje. Las minicargadoras u otras máquinas pueden colocar las piezas para cortarlas con una motosierra o introducirlas en una astilladora. […]

Wildfire Update: Fire-Safety Gear for Arborist Work

It’s hard to go through a news cycle these days without hearing about the wildfires that have been ravaging the Northwest region of our country. The state of Oregon has suffered one of the worst fire seasons on record, with Colorado and Nevada following closely behind. My own state of California has suffered the worst […]

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