Now Open: 2nd Public Review of ANSI-Z133 Proposed Revisions

The second public review for the ANSI Z133-2017 Proposed Revisions is now open and will close on 18 March 2024. You may access the second draft and instructions to provide comments with the link below.

aerial-device operator makes direct contact with conductors

EHAP Revision, Part 4,Chapter 3: Recognizing Electrical Hazards

Exposure to electric current is one of the many hazard sources during arboricultural operations. But electricity is one of the most unforgiving of these sources. A review of utility data shows that one in four contacts that resulted in an injury to an arborist working near overhead power lines was fatal. While contact with electrical […]

Spool insulators

EHAP Revision Series, Part 3: Switching Devices, Support and Other Utility Hardware

This is a continuation of the discussion of the electrical-system equipment found along distribution lines. One of the requirements for arborists working in proximity to an electrical hazard – within 10 feet of the lines – is familiarity with the equipment that shares the poles with the lines. The electrical-system equipment can be divided into […]

Grillon Safety Alert: Request for Inspection

Petzl requests the inspection of certain Grillon products following the detection of ropes mounted incorrectly in the rope adjuster of recently produced Grillon products. In such a case, the product does not perform its blocking function, which can result in a risk of injury. Please immediately stop sales and use of Grillon products manufactured between […]


EHAP Revision, Chapter 2, Part 1: Electrical Hardware Recognition: Voltage-Management and Protective Devices

Basic terminology and how the electric-power system works from generation to the end consumer was covered in Part 1 of this series (TCI Magazine, October 2023). This article will focus on the distribution system. Trees are often near these lines, so arborists need to be familiar with the associated electrical-system equipment. Arborists need to be […]

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