PPE Part 2: Why We Inspect Our Gear

This is the second part of a two-part article on PPE by the author. The first, “What PPE Must an Employer Provide?” ran in the April 2022 issue of TCI. Where was I? In the April issue, we discussed the employer’s responsibilities for personal protective equipment (PPE). We continue the topic this month with an […]

Accident Briefs for April 2022

Climber found dead in tree A tree trimmer was found unresponsive and hanging from his harness in a tree April 9, 2022, in Los Angeles, California. Police found David Cerigioni, 70, hanging upside down about 50 feet in the air. Firefighters used a ladder truck to reach Cerigioni and get him down, but unfortunately, he […]

Standard for First Aid Kits Revised

To determine what first aid supplies are needed on a jobsite, the employer needs to consider the uniqueness of the work environment and the types of potential injuries. That’s according to the recently revised American National Standards Institute/International Safety Equipment Association standard Z308.1, a credible and relied-upon source of non-mandatory guidance for minimum first aid […]

Accident Briefs for February 2022

Climber hurt in struck-by A climber was injured after being struck by a free-falling limb during a crane operation February 14, 2022, in a town in Massachusetts. The company owner related to TCIA that a climber was operating off a crane, had just finished cutting a leader and was descending to the ground as the […]

Accident Briefs for March 2022

Groundworker electrocuted A groundworker was electrocuted during tree-trimming operations March 1, 2022, in Madison, Wisconsin. Dustin L. Gurney, 38, of Janesville, Wisc., was part of a tree-company crew trimming trees when a branch became stuck on a power line. A worker pulled on the branch and it snapped the wire, which swung down and hit […]

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