Accident Briefs for February 2021

Two injured in tree-truck crash Two people were injured in a crash involving an overturned aerial-lift truck February 4, 2021, in Santa Rosa, California. Firefighters with the Sonoma Valley Fire District had to extricate at least the driver from the truck. One patient was flown to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital with moderate to major injuries, […]

Don’t Touch My Tree!

“STAND CLEAR!” … Here’s where you reply, “ALL CLEAR!” As an essential worker, I hope you find my story from the field entertaining or educational. Either way you receive it, this is a true story. Names mentioned in this story have been changed to protect privacy. In this world, heaven knows we could all use […]

Bridging The Great Divide: Men and Women Helping Each Other in Tree Care

Let’s face it – when it comes to tree care, men still dominate the industry, both in company ownership and employee numbers. The general consensus among those interviewed for this article is that women who are trying to break into arboriculture often find themselves ignored, underestimated or even outright intimidated. But, thankfully – although slowly […]

Accident Briefs for January 2021

Climber rescued after trapped in palm fronds A tree trimmer who became trapped upside down in palm fronds was rescued by fellow climbers January 5, 2021, in Escondido, California. The man, who was wearing a harness, became wedged in the tree skirt after large fronds fell on him. He was in distress and screaming for […]

Arborist Skills – Climber Crane Tie-In

Blake Duval, CTSP demonstrates how to safely perform a climber crane tie-in. Before putting a saddle on and getting right to work, you must make equipment inspection part of the job. Equipment gets inspected every time before use. That frees the mind to then start thinking about the work on hand that day without wondering […]

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