Beware the Dangers from AM Radio and 5G Transmission Sites

As if tree care isn’t dangerous enough, there’s an increasing safety threat that hasn’t yet gotten much attention – radio waves. Radio waves are everywhere, and have been since the dawn of the universe. Man-made ones have been around for more than a century, starting with the wireless telegraph. But with ever-more sophisticated uses of […]

A New Approach to Training

This past year has been full of challenges, to say the least, with growth opportunities, successes and failures. All of these have been taken to the extreme in the realm of education and training. With challenges come opportunities to grow and develop new systems while perfecting old ones, and this would prove true dealing with […]

Desafíos que Enfrenta el Trabajador en la Industria de la Arboricultura

Challenges Faced by Spanish-Speaking Tree Workers and the Tree Care Industry Hay muchos desafíos para los trabajadores de habla hispana en la industria del cuidado de árboles en los Estados Unidos. Las barreras lingüísticas y culturales ocupan el primer y segundo lugar en la lista. There are many challenges for Spanish-speaking workers in the U.S. […]

Accident Briefs for November 2020

All items taken from published reports or reported directly to TCIA staff, as noted. Send Accident News To Homeowner killed by cut tree A 73-year-old man was killed November 1, 2020, in Gaffney, South Carolina, when a tree he felled behind his home caused a second tree to fall and the second tree landed […]

Professional Interoperability: Working With First Responders

Let’s begin our thought process by considering the workplace incident where you cannot perform a rescue of an injured climber aloft. Perhaps an aerial rescue (A/R) is not appropriate for the patient’s condition or injury, because of a lack of personnel trained in A/R or for myriad other factors preventing completion of the rescue prior […]

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