Storm cleanup amidst a storm

Storm Response Considerations

When a hurricane, ice storm, wildfire, tornado or other extreme weather event hits a region, commercial tree care companies play a major role in the emergency response. But within the industry, some tree care pros will do one storm cleanup and never come back a second time. “There’s plenty of that,” says Brad Clayman, an […]

Planning for Storm Work? What to Know Before You Deploy

Getting ready to deploy? Feeling ready to get gritty and grungy? Sleeping in a hammock off the boom (yeah!), no showers and cold cans of soup with hot Gatorades? Hurricanes and storms are coming, and maybe you’re starting to feel that pull. Yup, it’s that time of year again! After my 25 years of responding […]

In Defense of Utility Pruning

The work of utility arborists is out there for all to see, and most people have an opinion about it. There is certainly plenty of discussion, both pro and con, about the amount of pruning and the appearance of trees following the work. What many do not understand is why the work is necessary and […]

Extend Your Climbing Career with Proper Maintenance

It began somewhere around late summer or early fall of 2011, I believe. I woke one day to find that my wrist just didn’t want to move the same way. My thumb could barely move, and when it did, there was stiffness and popping. It never had done that before. “What the heck is going […]

Accident Briefs for May 2022

Tree worker hurt in struck-by A worker on the ground was injured May 1, 2022, in Norton, Massachusetts, when he was struck by a piece of a tree being felled. The 19-year-old man was standing by the tree as it was being cut down when he was hit by a chunk that fell from about […]

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