Omega Pacific Octavia triple-attachment pulley

Omega Pacific Octavia triple-attachment pulley

Finally, a pulley as unique as the arborist community. Due to the dual-tone finishing process, no two pulleys will ever have the exact same anodized finish. Omega Pacific’s Octavia triple-attachment pulley is designed specifically for climbing systems that require multiple connection points. Octavia is riveted with a tamperproof assembly to create a pulley with tight tolerances and smooth bearings. Key features include hot-forged side plates for maximum strength and durability, highly efficient, sealed ball bearings and stout side plates to better tend hitches. These are designed to make it well suited for moving rope systems (MRS), lanyards and more. Specs include: weight – 5.85 ounces/166 grams, length – 3.7 inches/94 mm, width – 2.71 inches/69 mm, depth – 1.22 inches/31 mm and a minimum breaking strength (MBS) of 32 kN. It is designed for use with 8- to 14-mm ropes.

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