Job cleanup?
I am a Certified Arborist and business owner with 52 years’ experience, and usually enjoy your magazine. Most of your safety articles are informative and helpful. When you include pictures such as the one in “Cold-Weather Work Safety Precautions,” TCI February 2021, page 72, you show an example of not working safely.

If one of my employees were to work as they show in the article, dropping wood and debris against equipment, they would be looking elsewhere for employment.

L. Gary Cook, Jr., owner/president
Cook’s Tree Service
Vestal, New York

Gary, the photographer/company featured in the pic opted not to respond. When blown up, it is clear there is wood stacked between the trucks and some smaller branches are making contact with the bed of the truck and the chipper. Alex Martin, the author who submitted the photo, points out that most of the branches are actually in the foreground of the image, and neither of the employees is cutting toward the trucks.

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify the importance of maintaining a clean work site and a drop zone clear of targets. And thank you for your loyal readership and 33-year TCIA membership! – Don Staruk, editor

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