Survey Results: Safety Investments Pay Dividends

Below are the results of the TCIA Accident Survey for 2019 operations. Because of a relatively small sample size (129 companies answering all the questions), no further or deeper analysis of this data would be meaningful or possible.

Reaffirming our survey results from previous years, there is a strong correlation between CTSPs on staff and lower incident rates, DART (Days Away, Restricted or Transferred) rates and Workers’ Compensation mod (experience modification factor) rates. As you can see, the companies with CTSPs on staff tend to have more employees.

Are companies bigger because they have one or more CTSPs, making them better able to attract and retain employees, or did the growth occur first, necessitating CTSPs on staff to help manage safety and training? We don’t know, but our hunch is the answer lies somewhere between those two scenarios!

What we can say with confidence is that companies who invest in safety – with measures such as one or more CTSPs on staff, frequent training and frequent crew inspections – are rewarded with fewer incidents and lower costs associated with incidents.

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