Getting Hooked on Traversing Video

Presented by Tchukki Andersen – When tree climbers talk about traversing, they are referring to the action of moving horizontally through the treetops to cross spans of distance without having to descend. This practice really speeds up a climb and allows the climber to move easily within a spreading tree or even to adjacent trees. You might decide you will never need to use a traversing hook in order to move through the treetops, but on the off chance you do find yourself in a position of needing a traversing hook, this is a short tutorial on how to use one. Click here to read the TCI Magazine March 2021 article.

Tchukki Andersen, CTSP and Board Certified Master Arborist (BCMA), is staff arborist for the Tree Care Industry Association.

Julian Olivera-Angelis, a climber with Tree Top Service in Fishkill, New York, contributed to the video.

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