Setcom’s LiberatorMax wireless headsets

Setcom’s LiberatorMax is a multi-user intercom system designed for tree-service companies. It accommodates up to eight wireless, full-duplex users, and an unlimited number of listen-only headsets. Additionally, LiberatorMax has eight talk-group channels for increased flexibility. This system does not require pairing, installation or a base station. It is completely portable, giving users the freedom to move around without restriction. Additionally, the LiberatorMax headset has up to 1,500 feet of line-of-sight range in ideal conditions. Unlike two-way radios, LiberatorMax is full duplex, so there are no push-to-talk (PTT) buttons; users are able to keep both hands on the equipment they are operating while communicating using the system. A heavy-duty design and built-in repairability is intended to extend the life of the equipment in a demanding environment. Increase safety and communication with LiberatorMax.

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