Partnering with a Commercial Lender for Equipment Purchases

With business strong, many find value in financingequipment purchases through a commercial lender. In the past two years, Michael Roche, CTSP, president of Vermont Arborists, an accredited, 25-year TCIA member company based in Stowe, Vermont, has used cash to purchase a used skidder, stump grinder and pickup truck. He’s also financed two chip trucks, a […]

Avoid the “Seven Deadly Sins of Workers’ Comp”

If ever there is a place where the phrase “attitude is everything” holds true, it is certainly in the world of Workers’ Compensation insurance. After partnering with tree care companies for the past 15 years, I’ve noticed distinct patterns in the attitudes of business owners in how they view workers’ comp and their individual company’s […]

Business-Auto Insurance: Rising Costs and Increased Claims Volume Pose New Challenges

For many tree care company owners, when evaluating their insurance portfolios, workers’ compensation has historically been the primary cause for concern. We now are seeing many tree care company owners shifting their attention to business-automobile insurance, and for good reason. The costs are going up, in some cases considerably. In recent months, I’m sure many […]

Is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan Right for You?

Business owners are always thinking about the future of their businesses, but how often does that thinking include succession planning? The facts are that more than half of small to mid-size private companies do not have a succession or exit strategy in place. Many believe that succession is merely turning over the company to a […]

Arborist Accounting: It’s All About the Numbers

Let’s face it, keeping up with accounting is nowhere close to the excitement that comes from setting a climbing line with a Big-Shot, suiting up in your climbing harness, hearing the “clicks” when attaching your multi-colored carabiners and lanyards, making a smooth climb with your Unicender and finally taking in a view at 100-plus feet. […]

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