ePlant Tree Tag remote monitoring device

ePlant’s Tree Tag, debuting at TCI EXPO ’22, is a wireless device designed to enable tree care professionals to monitor the health and well-being of trees from anywhere in the world. The 3.5-inch-tall Tree Tag mounts directly onto the trunk or a major branch. Data from the Tree Tag is wirelessly transmitted to the internet, where it is then available to the user in near real time via ePlant’s cloud API (application programming interface). The sensors on board include a dendrometer for measuring radial increment of the xylem and phloem (a good indicator of water status and growth), an accelerometer for progressive trunk lean (less than 0.1-degree resolution) and a light sensor, thermometer and hygrometer for capturing hyper-local environment conditions. The device also features a long-range radio for wireless connectivity over multiple kilometers and a solar-charged battery that requires zero maintenance. (eplant.bio)

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