Tips for Your Next Crane Job

After decades of working with cranes, I have learned some simple techniques and tips that help me gain safety and add productivity to nearly every job. One necessary ingredient that will solely rely on you is deciding when to use these tips. Tips are great to have in your arsenal, but success is shaped by […]

The Ronin Lift Power Ascender

This product was “unboxed” by Corey J. Shepard at the Unboxing Ring on the show floor during TCI EXPO 2019 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Unboxing Ring is a product-spotlight area of TCI EXPO that provides select exhibitors the opportunity to feature their newest products. If you missed the Unboxing Ring product reviews at last year’s […]

Climbing Basics, History and Hazards

Climbing is still considered a basic skill for arborists, but it is becoming an increasingly rare one. Good climbers are always in demand. With the ability to access trees that are beyond the reach of an aerial lift, they are an asset to any tree company. The mobile, elevating work platforms available these days are […]

Climbing: Competing to Learn

Competitive tree climbing? What’s that all about? Like, do you chop the trees? Do you climb up with those spiky things on your feet? These are the questions I frequently am asked when people find out I’m a competitive tree climber and champion. So, what do I tell them? Well, I tell them it’s like […]

Teufelberger’s TreeMotion Evo Climbing Saddle

Mark Bridge gave an overview and demonstration of Teufelberger’snew treeMotion evo (trademarked treeMOTION evo) climbing saddle in the Unboxing Ring at the 2019 TCI EXPO in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When “unboxing” the saddle from its duffel-type bag, you’ll find it also houses a smaller bag containing a length of shock cord and the user’s manual. The […]

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