Teufelberger’s TreeMotion Evo Climbing Saddle

Mark Bridge gave an overview and demonstration of Teufelberger’snew treeMotion evo (trademarked treeMOTION evo) climbing saddle in the Unboxing Ring at the 2019 TCI EXPO in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When “unboxing” the saddle from its duffel-type bag, you’ll find it also houses a smaller bag containing a length of shock cord and the user’s manual. The […]

Climber Work Positioning

Ascent and descent make up a small percentage of what occurs during tree-climbing operations. Much of the time in the canopy is spent in a work position. When we stop climbing to accomplish the specific tasks/objectives of the job order, we must position ourselves in a manner not only to safely accomplish the task but […]

Petzl Flow and Control Climbing Lines

If you were lucky enough to be sitting ringside at the TCI EXPO Unboxing Ring in Pittsburgh last year, you would have had the first glimpse at Petzl’s new climbing lines – the Flow and the Control. Petzl is a leading manufacturer of climbing gear in the industry, but one little niche they didn’t really […]

Tools of the Trade for Tree Climbing

One of the greatest benefits of being a tree climber is the ability to climb the style you wish to climb, as long as it’s within the parameters set forth by the ANSI Z133 and A300 standards. We have never had so many tools available to us as an industry as we do now, and […]

Back Problems Are a Pain in the Butt

There are, of course, many types of back problems and, unfortunately, this article only speaks to one of them, the one I have been battling for years. I think it is common enough, though, that it’s worth sharing some of the strategies I’ve put together to keep myself off of the chiropractor’s table. If you […]

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