Thinking Critically About Life-Safety Carabiners

Choosing a carabiner for your climbing system, lanyard or redirect sling – all life-safety applications – seems like a simple process. Which brand, what style and, of course, which color do you like best? However, I’ve seen numerous instances of climbers using carabiners that do not meet the minimum safety standards for our profession. And […]

Work-Positioning Lanyards: Your Third Hand

The ANSI Z133 Safety Requirements for Arboricultural Operations defines a work-positioning lanyard as “a component of a climbing system, used for work positioning, consisting of a flexible line of rope or a strap that may incorporate a knot or mechanical device to allow for adjustability.” This is drastically different than the description I was given […]

Climbing SRS: How Do You Take Your Anchors?

How do you take your anchors? Up? On the rocks? Dirty? With a twist? Shaken, not stirred? I prefer mine twisted, backed up, with a loop. Excuse the puns, but as a 007 fan, I couldn’t resist. (Photo 1) This article will take a look at the minimum requirements for a base anchor in a […]

Climbers’ Work Wear: What Features Check the Boxes for You?

If clothes make the man – or woman, as the case may be – then what does that say about the choices in work wear made by climbers? Every piece of clothing a climber puts on must be functional in the extreme, so consequently, the choices he or she makes in work wear often reflect […]

Progressive Aerial Rescue: Is It an Afterthought?

We’ve been shorting ourselves. When it comes to aerial-rescue training, we, as an industry, have been spending too much time on the same few points while overlooking numerous critical points in the overall incident. We tend to approach the rescue with the mindset of “down to ground as soon as possible,” and then call it […]

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